Passive Euthanasia Is Worse

Passive EuthanasiaThe Supreme Court of India has ruled that it would be legal to withdraw life-support system to those in a permanently vegetative state. This ruling came in the judgement delivered by the court which turned down the petition seeking mercy killing of Aruna Shaunbagh, who has spent 37 years in a Mumbai hospital bed in a vegetative state.

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Why India Could Not Have Attacked Sri Lankan Players In Lahore

India CricketIt is a conspiracy against Pakistan.” – General Pervez Mussharaf, Former President of Pakistan

“There’s no way one can deny that Pakistan is not safe now. No country will want to send its players here for any tournament. This must be handiwork of outsiders.” – Imran Khan, Former Pakistan Team Captain.

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Politician Wants India To Snap Ties With Israel

IsraelSome days back I had read a small news item in The Times of India that read: Lok Janshakti Party headed by Union minister Ram Vilas Paswan staged a demonstration against Israel’s attacks in Gaza and submitted a memorandum to the President demanding that India sever relationships with the country.

The reason for this suggestion is that the meticulously planned attacks on Gaza are nothing short of terror unleashed on the vast humanity of Gaza where hundreds of innocent, including children have been killed and thousands maimed.

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