Procrastination Leads To Regret On Death Bed

Ravan's Procrastination Ravan, King of Lanka is one of the mightiest characters in Indian mythology. Ravan was an all powerful king who was feared even by the Gods. He derived his immense power from Lord Shiva whom he had pleased through his devotion and worship. Ravan had been given the elixir of life by Lord Shiva and it was said that he could not be killed till this nectar or elixir of life remained in Ravan’s stomach. That is why Lord Ram could finally kill Ravan only by shooting his divine arrow in Ravan’s navel.

This story however is not about the power of Ravan. It is about an all powerful life lesson that Ravan learnt when his end was near.

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Passive Euthanasia Is Worse

Passive EuthanasiaThe Supreme Court of India has ruled that it would be legal to withdraw life-support system to those in a permanently vegetative state. This ruling came in the judgement delivered by the court which turned down the petition seeking mercy killing of Aruna Shaunbagh, who has spent 37 years in a Mumbai hospital bed in a vegetative state.

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Worst Judgement By The Supreme Court

take rape seriouslyToday when the International Women’s Day has just passed, I want to talk about the most retrograde judgement given by the Supreme Court of India in a case involving a woman.

The shocker of judgment came in the case of a woman from Punjab where the Supreme Court let off three gang rapists after they claimed a “compromise formula” with the victim and agreed to pay her a fine of Rs. 50,000 (or just about USD 1100) each for their offence!

A bench of justices Markandeya Katju and Gyan Sudha Mishra reduced to three and half years the 10-year sentence awarded to three gang rapists who took the plea that both the convicts and the victim were now happily married to different people and “wanted…

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How Does Keeping A Good Company Benefit A Person?

good companyAll my life, I have heard the advice – “you are known by the company you keep.” It is a standard advice given by parents to their children that they should always make “good” friends. Good being defined as intelligent, studious, courteous, polite, knowledgeable etc.

And I had always wondered why it is important to have good friends. As if in answer to this question, about 35 year ago I came across a story in Chandamama –a children’s magazine, which went something like this…

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Corruption Wrecks National Economy

CorruptionA few days back I said that the corruption of the every day kind is more dangerous because it destroys the character of a nation, its people and sows the seeds of a powerless, frustrated, impotent people who can only get angry but do nothing. The effort that it takes to remove the cancer of such corruption is huge and the entire population has to stand up against it. It persists because we humans are very competitive and do not want to be left behind our next door neighbour. We believe that money can buy everything and hence are ready to pay our way out of tight situations such as breaking a law or getting a service out of turn. On the other hand, the man in the chair feels that since without his approval things will not move in the bureaucracy, he wants his palms to be greased for doing his job.

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India Vs China – What Price Democracy?

India Vs ChinaI keep reading comparisons between the progress of China and India. Some say it is quite telling. It has been said that for all the advice of the ‘west’ it is the world’s largest democracy that has lagged. The recent release of health statistics makes for uncomfortable reading. Per 10,000 of population India has 6 doctors and 9 hospitable beds; China has 14 and 30 respectively. Indian GDP per capita is US$2800 and China US$5970 (OECD, 2008). Maybe democracy does have a price – but is it one worth paying?

Let me first discuss about the conclusion that a dictatorship will grow faster than a democracy. I think there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that all conditions being same, a dictatorship will definitely grow faster than a democracy. This is intuitive and can be derived from natural laws. A democracy is like a chariot with 100 horses, each of whom has an opinion and thinking about the direction that they would like to take. So what happens is that each of the horses or a set of horses with same ideas will pull the chariot in their desired direction. The result is that the chariot is acted upon by forces that are pulling it in different directions. The final direction and the speed of movement will be determined by the resultant force which is the vector sum of all the different forces.

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