Will Guest Control At Parties Reduce Food Shortage?

guest controlYesterday I read one of the most hilarious pieces of news which said that the government could look into the Guest Control Order of the 1960s, which limits number of guests at marriages and other events to curb food wastage.

It seems that the government has woken up to the fact that there is a shortage of food and they have arrived at a brilliant realisation that the food wastage at weddings and social gatherings is ”criminal” and must …

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The Politics Of Movie Titles

politics of movie titlesInvariably movies from Bollywood get into trouble in India. It could be because someone does not like the title, or the theme. Sometimes it could be the story and at other times it is the fact that the city has not been called by its correct name.

Take the case of Kiran Rao’s maiden film “Dhobi Ghat” that ran into trouble in Kolkata and Delhi on the day of its release. Many a washer men felt that the title was derogatory to the community and carried posters to that effect. In Delhi, the community leaders went one step ahead and approached the Delhi high Court seeking a change of the film’s title.

In my opinion the community leaders were being highly “unambitious” when…

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They May Exist, But We Can’t Communicate With Aliens

alienFrom time immemorial man has dreams of encounters with the aliens. There have been books written on it, movies made and it is the stuff of romantic scientific fantasy. I am however certain that even if there were other intelligent beings elsewhere in the universe, chances are that we will never get to communicate with them.

This, in spite of the fact that …

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Should The World Invest In India?

invest in indiaThese are the best of times for India – watch her growing economy, her people winning laurels the world over, her contributions to the world peace, her growing friendship and influence with other countries, her flight to the moon, her ambitions, her….

These are the worst of times for India – watch her attacked by terrorists, her plunder and division by politicians, her looting by a few corporate czars, her growing

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Gay Rights In India

Thomas for Gay RightsThe recent discussions about gay rights and same sex marriage demands made me remember the time when I was complaining a lot about generation gap. This was the time when I wanted to get married to the girl of my choice. The reason for these complaints was the fact that my mother wanted me to have an arranged marriage while I was, one opposed to the idea and two, more importantly, as I have said I had already decided whom I wanted to marry.

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Why Sanction Should Not Be Required To Prosecute a Public Servant

End corruption among public servantChief Justice of India K G Balakrishnan has started a debate in the public domain when he stated that the requirement to seek sanction for prosecution (of public servant) was acting as a stumbling block that tended to weaken the natural course of certain legal probes. It also acts as a deterrent in the fight against corruption in India.

This requirement for sanction is part of The Prevention of Corruption …

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Why India Could Not Have Attacked Sri Lankan Players In Lahore

India CricketIt is a conspiracy against Pakistan.” – General Pervez Mussharaf, Former President of Pakistan

“There’s no way one can deny that Pakistan is not safe now. No country will want to send its players here for any tournament. This must be handiwork of outsiders.” – Imran Khan, Former Pakistan Team Captain.

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