Should The World Invest In India?

invest in indiaThese are the best of times for India – watch her growing economy, her people winning laurels the world over, her contributions to the world peace, her growing friendship and influence with other countries, her flight to the moon, her ambitions, her….

These are the worst of times for India – watch her attacked by terrorists, her plunder and division by politicians, her looting by a few corporate czars, her growing inability to quench the growing hunger and thirst of her people, her increased enmity with her neighbors, her…

Using the above facts about India, it is possible to make a case, both for and against her future. I am however extremely optimistic about India’s future. It could be because I am an optimist by birth. It could also be because I am an Indian by birth. I am expected to believe that the motherland that has given me birth is better than heaven. Didn’t some of my ancestors said so long ago – “jan-a-ni janam-bhoomi-sch, swar-ga-dapi gari-yasi”.

All this may be true.

However, I believe that even if I was not an Indian by birth or descent, I would have still believed in the future of India. There are many reasons for it.

Why invest in India?

One, they say old is gold. India has been around for a long time. Longer than most people can remember. The culture of India, history of India and the people of India have survived every possible catastrophe – natural or man-made.

Two, India has been a great teacher. Many may not agree, but I think India has been an equally good student. So not only has India taught the world, it has also learnt equally well from the world. And a good student never dies.

Three, we still believe that truth always wins in the end. Sat-ya-mev jay-a-te. Naïve? Well, the list of believers in this dictum include the who is who of the world – all Indian deities, Jesus Christ, Prophet Mohammed, Buddha, Mahavir, Guru Nanak…. Lesser mortals like Confucius, Mahatma Gandhi, and Martin Luther King also thought so. The only person who does not believe in it is the devil himself. And he is in minority.

Four, India is the original melting pot of the world. Others came much later. India has embraced and amalgamated every people, culture, religion and language with equal zest. It has also learnt from them all, adapted to them all and has taken them all along.

Five, the population of India is going to be the largest in the world not too far in the future. This in itself may be one of the worst things that can happen to her. However, the fact that most of it is going to be young, will give India the advantage that may offset all the negatives.

Six, everyone that I talk to wants the list of the reasons for “the best of times for India” to grow exponentially and the other list to become zero – incidentally, the number that ancient India gave to the world!

These are all the reasons to invest in India now.

Can the above wish come true?

I firmly believe that India can

After all, “you are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it true. You have to work for it however” – Richard Bach.

Or as the ancient Indian wisdom says –

With work alone you can achieve your goals,

Not by mere wishes,

Just as a deer will not,

Walk into a sleeping Lion’s mouth.

Long live India. I love my India. Come One, Come All and Invest in India!


  1. Very good article. Really looking forward to read more. Keep writing.

    • Thanks Shakita, glad you liked it.

  2. I agree with what you say. I was in India two years back and thoroughly enjoyed the stay and build lot of business contacts as well.

    • Great to know that you liked your stay in India and made business contacts as well. This is a good time to start doing business in India.

  3. As of now, India is living from crisis to crisis. Do we in the process become stronger by the day? Or do we become weaker as time goes by? It is any bodies guess.

    • Dear Mr. Marthandam,

      Thank you for your comment. I believe going by the history of India, we will only become stronger. That is also what the world thinks – Obama and Sarkozy included. That is why they would like to be part of the action here.

      best regards


  4. Just love your writing style, while I don’t agree with everything it was still good, bookmarked

    • I’d be interested to know the points that you do not agree with. That way we can have a good discussion – that being the idea of this blog as well.

      And yes, many thanks for the kind encouragement.

  5. This is the right time to invest in India. Obama’s visit is a proof of this.

    • You got it spot on, Sandeep.

  6. I agree to you there is no reasons now not to invest in India . we have already seen the success stories in various sectors and there is lot to come ……

    • That is a prediction that I am willing to put all my money on! Yes, it is the right time to invest in India.

  7. Wow, amazing blog layout! and equally good content. I too think that the world looks at India in very positive light.

    • Thanks Lara for the positive vote.

  8. So, how much of India’s GDP comes from exports? And, not counting the IT manpower export since that’s a permanent intellectual capital loss, what does India export / contribute to the rest of the world ? How much does manufacturing sector now contribute to GDP ? Adjusted for inflation, what’s the real growth and more specifically per capita GDP ? And, when will it’s parallel economy become smaller part of the overall economy ? These are just a handful of relevant questions… And, we haven’t even touched on corruption, legal malaise, public safety and hygiene… You get the idea, I hope.

    • Good questions.

      First, People will invest in India not because of her exports but because of her own HUGE internal market. One needs to first satisfy that demand.

      Second, you invest in a company and by extension in a country keeping in mind the expected future growth. It is a well known financial adage – buy low, sell high. By your own questions, you have answered why it is the best time to invest in India. The ground is set for it to take off. That is when you come in and invest. When the mobile telephony was launched in India one did not say – hey the telephone penetration in India is one of the lowest in world at 4 per 1000. So why invest? The answer is THAT IS WHY INVEST. From here on it can only go one way – UP.

      Finally, about corruption, legal malaise, public safety and hygiene – those are issues that can be and will be tackled – by you, me and us. This is our country and we cannot wash our hands off it.

  9. Yes! India shining. Lets not forget that coupled with Industry Veterans, a large technical workforce and the largest proportion of young educated ambitious people in the world, we should be the hub of more investments

    • That’s right Ankit. The competitive advantage that India has over most other countries makes it a great destination for investment.

  10. The future market for any and everything is BRIC nations. Among BRIC, india has unique advantage of demographic dividend and growth stimulated by internal consumption. A few example of indian markets scale is like energy sector …900GWH required by 2030 where as presently 150 GWH. There is abundant scope of investment and doing business is also relatively better than few of its competitor

    • Bingo. The Indian captive market is so huge that anyone who invests here will not have to look for new markets for a long long time.

  11. With the growing number of graduates, engineers and doctors in the country it is poised to grow in todays world of knowledge economy. Moreover, the giant rural india poses as a challenge as well as an opportunity for growth and empowerment in the future. And lets not forget that we are amongst the youngest nations of the world which gives us a great advantage over most nations.

    • I am glad Servesh that you too believe in the potential of India. This very belief and the actual potential on the ground is what will make India a greater nation than it already is. And the reasons that you have mentioned for investing in India are the icing on the cake for any investor.

  12. We have all positives in our favor except political stability in India and we can see that future belongs to India only and in present situation they will be forced to follow and take correct decisions at all political levels or they will be thrown out .

    We should create a platform of like minded people and let us do something likes of Bill Gates or Ambani so that we can be proud of ourselves .

    • Politicians will have to toe the line of the popular sentiment – people want jobs, good life style, good income and the opportunity to hold their head high. I do not think people want doles and that is why political will to leverage the potential of Indian story is only a matter of time.

      You are right that it is for us to do something and I can already see changes in the right direction.

  13. India has all positive factor in her favor except corruption. Corruption has become our way of life . Political class is most corrupt group in our country . We must think seriously how to clean this mess.

    • I completely agree with you that India has everything going in her favour except corruption.

      Corruption happens because there are two parties involved in the corrupt transaction – the one who takes bribe and the one who gives. You need two hands to clap – I believe that if people stop giving bribes, how will anyone take bribe! Corruption can be eliminated only if we as people take pledge that we will not GIVE.

  14. Being an Indian; i am proud by reading these valuable points!!

  15. This is a great piece of information. Thought your readers might find it good to know some interesting facts about india

    • Thanks Rajiv for the vote of confidence

  16. I have huge faith in India being able to deliver as a new world power; but it requires that all Indians compel their government, this or the next, to really start making it easy to do business in India. Currently it is very frustrating for outsiders and despite Mr Modi and his rhetoric it does not seem to be easing or not soon enough. As a travel writer there is enormous potential but there again the whole vexed visa question is very irritating and expensive and time consuming and thus travellers just decide to go elsewhere. I am reliably informed it is a tit for tat situation with getting at western governments. Surely the Indian government can see we are beset with the migrant crisis and thus we have to discriminate and ensure people who say they are coming as students or tourists genuinely are. You don’t find western tourists trying to stay on in India for social welfare…there is not any. We in UK have a huge challenge. Somehow there is a complacency in the Indian Foreign Service or they are lethargic and do not try hard and thus do not present a good image abroad in many cases. India where I was born and grew up has everything, antiquity, spirituality, early maths, engineering, science, art, music, beauty, adventure, leisure, heritage, wildlife, flora, mountains, valleys, beaches, lakes, ayurveda, crafts, cuisines and philosophy…..everything but serious effort must be made to encourage investment and also tourism whereas the latter is not being actively constructively encouraged…..I know I am out there annually for weeks at a time. All good wishes for India to prosper for All Indians.

    • Hi Aline, you’re quite right that the actual change in the destiny of a country can come only at the hands of her people, and we in India are no exception. If India has to deliver on her potential as a world power, we Indians have to take the initiative and if need be, we have to “lead” our leaders in the right direction. And all the adjectives you have used to describe India, make Travel & Tourism a HUGE opportunity for India. And we have not even scratched the surface. I am an eternal optimist and I am certain that in the coming years we will be able to make the hugely diverse India a must visit country for everyone – both for travel and business.

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