About Random Raves & Rants of Sanjeev

Sanjeev SharmaHi, I am Sanjeev. I live in New Delhi, India with my wife and two children – a son and a daughter. My interests include reading, writing, thinking (day dreaming), cooking, eating (what is cooked by me and others), traveling, talking, acting, movies, music, sleeping, walking – basically everything and nothing.

I like to read about politics, management – especially sales management, paranormal and astronomy. I am a vegetarian by choice. I am not very religious in the sense that I do not go to a temple on every possible occasion, but I do believe in the presence of a supreme being who could even be called Nature.

Like all people I have opinions. Unlike many however I like to express them. This blog is my way of doing it. Here you will find my random thoughts – sometimes I may rave and at other times I may rant. And sometimes I may be plain boring and normal. You may like many things that I write here and love me for it. At other times you may simply hate me. I only ask to be read with an open mind just as I will read your comments and feedback with an equally open mind.

This is also my way of inviting the world at large to be my friend. Communicate with me and enrich my thinking. And I’ll try to return the favour!